Life of Great Suspence

Wow! what a day today was, yet yesterday was not that great. 

Life is tricky, sorrowful  and amazing sometimes for we don’t know what is entailed tomorrow.


One small advice is that you should perfect your today for possible outcome of a great tomorrow.


Kenyan educational system is always tricky and and hard for the learners. Kenyan system of using pens is from pencils to fountain pen to ball pens.


    This are the popular tools to the learners and to the artists. This are the tools that are used in the beginning as a learner are inducted in the education system.

    2. BALL PENS

    The pens of less stress. This are the pens used by a learner who is well conversant with education. 


    The so called the stressful pens. This pens that are usually used in the primary schools are usually a night mare. 

    The pens were full of problems “matatizo”. The problems could flow as:

    • Stains

    Waaaaaah! Have you ever wrote on a paper and noticed that the pen is linking out ink?

    This is an embarrassing moment when you have to either tire the paper out of the book, buy a new pen or try to fix it. The moment when all is not well when you buy a poor quality book and the stains appear on there side of the paper. You feel like you may quite school but you remember that your mother has promised you a good discipline if you misbehave. That is the moment  where courage comes from nowhere and you motivate yourself to continue studying. 

    • Separation of nips

    Headache of headaches. 

    Have you ever been taking notes during a dictation and the pen just stops writing, not because of lack of ink but due to mulfuction? This makes the head bang as you try your best to fix it so that you may not miss all the dictation. 

    This is where engineering comes in as a pupil does his or her best to separate the nip from the pen and try to fix it for the pen to perform well in writing. It becomes a mistake to the pupils who are not talented in engineering for they only make mistake when trying to fix the pen and the unfortunate happens and he or she ruins it.

    Kenyans are made engineers from a very tender age.

    • Borrowing of Ink

    The moment of dependency comes to reality when you had just forgot to refill the pen’s tank and it surprisingly run’s dry.

    This is where the saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” comes to reality and becomes practical. The moment you realize your pen’s tank is dry, you simply need to turn and check your friendship profile with everyone in the class and plan who to borrow first. This is where you realize your friend is not your friend for he or she failing to help you but the unexpected classmate helps you and you quickly classify him or her as a friend.

    Answers given to you when borrowing may make you loose hope, such as:

    1. “This ink is supposed to last for two days so I can’t help you.”
    2. “I have borrowed just like you have.”
    3. “People like you always depend on others, why don’t you buy yours?”
    • “Ink is only ksh 15, go buy one.”

      After all we should learn in every little or great situations we find ourselves, for a better tomorrow.


      ​Have you ever meet, observed or talked to a slay queen and you smiled or laughed until tears of joy flew?

      It is said that it is better to show your original personality than to pretend. Pretending always comes with big consequences:

      • Shame.
      • Low self-esteem.
      • Stress.

      Same of slay queens action that caught my attention are like:

      • A slay queen takes her car to a petrol station and fills her car fuel to full tank and is offered a service of her car’s wind screen being cleaned. Due to her excessive pride she pays for the service and as sure as water is colourless the petrol station attendant takes the money as it is a God sent blessing and gives appreciation. The slay queen is left thinking how good the attendant is good and the attendant is left thinking how pride is stupidness.
      • Wow! just imagine…  A slay queen always makes me laugh, a slay queen drives past the petrol station to the section of filling car tires with air. The comes out of tbe car like a model with alot of pride. The attendant takes the honour of greating her like, “Habari mrembo?” She answers in alot of pride “Am fine. pschweeee.” The attendant says, “Nikuwekee ya ngapi?” She answers, “Niwekee ya elfu mbili juu naenda Kisumu na staki kusimama tena ndoo nisichomwe na jua.” The attendant saves her as he is smiling. (Can somebody in alot of pride be assisted really?).


      Kenyan’s diversity is our strength yet it is still our weakness.

      We were peaceful and happy enjoying our day to day activities until the time of election. We as Kenyans we are divided among ourselves leading to hatred, despise and conflicts against one another. 

      Kenyans being split into two major parts politically, due to either of each party leaders not coming to an agreement as one is cleaving for:

       The opposition group is seen opposing the Government as it has laid plans to clave for victory by:

      • Attempt for removal of I.E.B.C. key members.
      • Complains against the companies to do the publishing tender.
      • Filing a petition for a re-election to the Supreme Court.
      • Second attempt for removal of I.E.B.C. key members.
      • Quiting to participate in elections.
      • Renovation of their political party form NASA to Resistant Movement.

      1. Attempt for removal of I.E.B.C. key members.

      Nasa due to lack of trust to the I.E.B.C commissioners the Principals of NASA declared that the members of I.E.B.C be changed for a free and fair election.

      Nobody opposed the proposal or the arge and therefore the members of the I.E.B.C were changed and others were employed.

      All was well as they won. The I.E.B.C’s integrity was toped up and it gained trust by many both locally and internationally. I.E.B.C gained trust.

      2. Complains against the companies to do the publishing tender.

      Nasa comes out refusing to accept the companies given the tender to publish ballot papers. They strictly opposed the company’s tender to the extent of filing a case at the court.

      The court ruled to NASA’s needs placing the I.E.B.C with no choice but to file a case towards approval the company’s tender to proceed. The hearing was heard and judged as law demands and the tender was authorized.

      Nasa this time round felt sad for the lose but life had to move one still. The I.E.B.C was save a huge lose of funds as they would have lost all the money they had invested upon it.

      3. Filing a petition for a re-election to the Supreme Court.

      After huge turnout of people to vote was great and Jubilee won NASA by 54%, NASA declared the election as not free and fair. Before the time was over for filing the petition, NASA filed there petition.

      The hearing in the court went on and finally the court gave a ruling that was quite sad to some, amazing to others and surprising to others.

      NASA felt victorious while the Jubilee party felt discouraged and sad. The courts ruling brought out the fact that the need of a new campaign was to be planned all over again. The entire nation had to go back both: politically and economically as we try to choose a leader to lead as for 5 years.

      4.Second attempt for removal of I.E.B.C. key members.

      As the I.E.B.C plan for a better re-election, NASA decides that the some of the members of I.E.B.C are not qualified and are corrupt.

      NASA tries had to remove the members such as Ezra Chiloba, by use of demonstration. Jubilee on the other hand gets fed-up and also demostrates to defend the I.E.B.C.

      Through such demostrations, Kenya is seen divided into two. At an angle when viewed, it is clear that whenever Jubilee and NASA fight against each other, the victims are the I.E.B.C and the common civilian “mwananchi”.

      5. Quiting to participate in elections.

      After many complains from NASA they decided not to participate in the election. NASA’s reason for failing to participate in the election is that their camplains where not solved.

      NASA fails to sign that they will no longer participate in the election. NASA is assumed by people of an early defeat. Surely NASA brought confusion as they failed to sign that they would not be participating.

      Nasa asks it’s supporters not to vote. With or without NASA, the election had to go on. Violence occurs as NASA supporters  refuse the ballot papers from reaching the polling stations.

       Out of all the polling stations only 25 did not vote and they were in 4 counties: Siaya, Homabay, Migori and Kisumu.

      The election results were annoused as president Uhuru had won with 98% of the votes.

      6. Renovation of their political party form NASA to Resistant Movement.

      So messy, after the announcement of the presidential winner, the NASA leader Raila Odinga changed the name of his party to Resistant movement. From the principals of NASA their aim is to plea for their people’s rights by resisting.

      NASA now resisting company’s products not to be used. NASA resists companies such as: Safaricom limited products, Bidco products and Brookside products.


      Cars are one of the inventions that are admirable by many, like what is your desired car? 

      Cars can either be categorised or can also categories you by:

      • Being classy
      • Being fast
      • Being old school 
      • Being upto date 
      • Being unique 

      Being Classy  

       Wow! Here money talks as this cars are not the ordinary cars but they are majorly designed for specific needs of the client. This cars do attract attention of many even you who does have or have not. 

      Being fast 

      If flying  while still on the ground is your thing then this are the best cars that will make you fly while on the ground. Fast cars brings victory to the owner as many fight or contest for victory of being fastest. Again, records are best set by individuals and not  by observing. “Own a fast machine be fast.” 

      Being Old Scbool

      Down from the deep passion,  the arge of owning an old car or car shape comes out. Old cars are hard to find, hence the owner of an old car enjoy having a one of a kind car. Nowadays old cars are treasured by entirely everyone including a part of you.  As it is note that,  “Old is Gold.” 

      Being Upto Date

      Ahaa! The arge of owning brand new cars, driving latest cars also is amazing. Driving a trending car is also an amazing opportunity of one feeling great and appreciated by friends, family, neighbours and everyone of having what is new in the market. As it was once scribbled that,  “Fast come fast serve.” 

      Being Unique 

      Cars of cars, this are the cars designed for the purpose of the user. This are cars said to be out of this world as they are… “just super excellent.” If you are not attentive, it is time to be attentive as you note this. This cars are cars that may have system such as: 

      1. Self-drive systems 
      2. Self-protection systems
      3. Road scanning systems
      4. Parking systems etc. 

      They are known as “intelligent cars”. 


      Have you ever noted that this amazing talent by the name music evolves?

      Let’s time travel way back to the years where art of singing was simple. Such songs we do refer to them as throw back music (TBM) or throw back time (TBT). As it is said that, “Change is inevitable.” In reality we the music fans and the musicians like changes, as it is a way of expressing the limites of a musician’s art.

      Isn’t it true that old is gold. Let’s previsit and time travel way back when the musics were being produced by studios which could only produce simple beats. Videos were in a black and white video. As it that is not gold enough music was stored in compact disks and video tapes.

      Let’s move from the past and back to the present. What’s the trending music? Ok whatever is trending is the best for now. It was once said that, “Try your best today and then tomorrow will set itself.” As for now everything is at it’s best (our best). Music is being produced by outrageous machines that are in the studios. Music also can be share worldly wildy by use of internet. Amazingly music can be stored in online accounts owned by an individual, also can be stored in memory cards and flash disks.

      The present is amazing, what of the future? Let’s take imaginative visit to the future. Cancel all visits unrelated to music and let visit the future of music world. If music is amazing in present what of in future? If music is produced with sophisticated studio what of in future? Everything in future of the music world seems as a paradise of perfection.

      Let us not be lost in future and let us return to the present day life. Music has come a long way it is mainly passed from one person to the other and one generation to another, by an individual’s passion to deliver or gain something.


      Comic life if one’s self or other always makes life interesting. 

      Comic actions observed from others makes individual that loves to smile or laugh do it. It is categorisedas ine if the great moments, as totally all people in that present situation or moment, they enjoy life. The interesting part of such moments is that one can forget all that may bring or may concern his or her stress. It is clear that people like to watch or observe those individuals with the personality of comedy.

      Comedy is always a great piece of art of work it educates, communicates, informs and criticize the present aspects of a community, society, nation or the world.Comic action portrayed by an individual who love to do it and it interests him or her develops passion in to the individual. Comedy always satisfies one’s  heart and spirit. Comedy, the art of work of comic actions is a two way appreciative art as both the comedian and the audience appreciate one another.

       It was once said that, “Comedy sweetens the heart.”


      Natural features and airtificial features, the both are great. Nature brings out the best expetially at heart. Nature is extra ordinarilly  amazing and unclonned. The so called great men did said that nature is the mother of artificial nature.

      In terms of artificial nature, it is mans’ unique projects that eases life experiences and sometimes  brings appreciation to natural features.

      It is clear that we need both features to enjoy life.